Friday, May 16, 2008

Guys Wearing Panties

Since I was young, I have been fascinated by the feel of women's panties. As a teenager, I got excited while wearing my sister's panties and my brother's girlfriend's panties. I love the tight feel and smooth, sexy fabric. I have rediscovered panty wearing in the last five years and wear thongs and panties all the time. I love the look and feel, and I fantasize about watching a woman give me oral sex while she's wearing sexy panties and having her make me be naked but for panties in the house and wear panties all the time. I love panties and have a great collection. It's a magnificent obsession.

Guy In Panties

Guys Wearing Panties,

I love wearing womens panties, and can't find nothing wrong with it. What's different from wearing mens jocks. I like the smooth feeling of the panties rubbing against my balls and cock.

Men Wearing Panties
I have been wearing panties for years and have only had one woman that didn't like it. Wearing panties has nothing to do with how much of a man you are. I find them to be a lot more comfortable than men's underwear. I do everything in panties like work, play, swim, shower, and having sex. My girlfriend and I sunbathe in panties in my backyard all the time. My favorites are white, black, blue, and pink in bikini and hi-cut. Microfiber and nylon are the best-feeling panties a man can have. So, don't be a pussy, buy some panties. Be a real man and wear them. You'll be glad you did.

Panty Wearing Man
fellow panty wearer here i love it. there is nothing better than a silkiy thong in my ass.

Panty Guy
You can add me to the list of guys that love to wear panties! I love it so much I wear them 24/7. Have been for nearly 10 years now. I don't limit myself to just panties either, when at home I love all kinds of womens lingerie. I am a total slut for silky panties.

Panty Wearing Men
I enjoy the feeling of wearing panties. I feel that my wearing panties allows me to express the feminine side of me. I especially like wearing French-cut pink and lacy panties.

Wearing Womens Panties,

I admit it, I love wearing women's panties even though I am a guy. I especially like wearing satin thongs and hipsters. I love wearing panties and sitting with my legs crossed. I guess I am in touch with my feminine side, but I love wearing my panties especially out in public.

Guys In Panties

I enjoy wearing panties. I feel comfortable in them. I especially enjoy wearing decorative panties with lace, like the French-cut styles. Men should not feel ashamed for wearing panties if that is what makes them feel good and comfortable.

Guys In Panties

Finally, a website for all you guys who enjoy wearing female underwear! This site has many great features for all you panty wearing guys, chat with other guys wearing panties, post your own male panty pictures or male panty movies, looking to meet another guy into panties post a personal ad or resond to one, "panty guy looking to meet other panty guys". Well, after realizing how much I liked women's underwear, I spent a lot of time acquiring a poorly fitting collection from female friends and relatives. After I got married, you'd think things would get easier, having access to my wife's underwear drawer. But it didn't, and I also discovered that it really was women's underwear in general I liked, not just pre-worn panties and bras. I decided I finally wanted my own collection, of stuff I liked that fit!
Well, I was on a home vacation and my wife was at work when I took my first foray into buying lingerie. I looked up some sizing info to figure out conversions, did the math, and went to my first store. It was actually Kmart. It was fairly early on a weekday, so there weren't a lot of people around, which was good, as I was feeling really inhibited by this new venture. I had on a pair of dark green tap panties with a little flower bow in the top middle, formerly owned by my niece. I rubbed them against myself in the car briefly to stoke the fire and marched into the store. The ladie's lingerie section was in the back, right next to the men's jean section, as luck would have it. I was, of course, excited and aroused and afraid.
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